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MassKara Festival 2017

Bacolod City, Philippines

About the Logo

For the first time in its 38 years, the MassKara Festival is using a character-logo, one that pays tribute to the MassKara dancer. Indeed, the logo is a character rendered as a stylized MassKara dancer, with the national colors of the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations members in its headdress

The character-logo is envisioned to have long-term use beyond the festival, perhaps to represent the Bacolod brand and all that is good about the city.

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About the theme

“Bacolod, City of Southeast Asia” celebrates the city’s participation in the Philippine hosting of the ASEAN summit, even as I emphasizes its membership in the regional aggrupation. It is also a declaration that the city now looks beyond the Philippine borders, and out into the ASEAN sphere in its economic and socio-cultural development.

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Schedule of Events

    Oct. 1
    6 PM

    Festival Opening

    Bacolod Public Plaza
    Bacolod Public Plaza Opening of Food and Beer Kiosk Parade of 2016 winners Street Dance, Drumbeating, Fantasy Costume Show, Fireworks, parade around the plaza
    Oct. 2 to 21
    Nightly w/ Weekly Grand Finals Winners

    Tanda! Sing Na, Dance Pa!

    Bacolod Public Plaza
    Singing and dancing contests among school and barangay contestants
    Oct. 7 to 22
    Opening Rites:
    6pm Oct 7, 2017

    Magical MassKara

    Fountain Area, BGC Grounds
    Youth Party. Live Bands. Foam Party.
    Oct. 7
    Saturday, 9 PM

    MassKara Red Party

    BGC Grounds
    A party will rock at the BGC Grounds open to 18 years and above. Free tickets available starting October 2 with Israel Salanga at FB account isingsalanga
    Oct. 10, 11, 12
    7 PM

    Nights of Mardi Gras

    Bacolod Public Plaza
    MassKara Fantasy Costume Show, parade around the Public Plaza
    Oct. 14
    7 PM
    Beauty Pageant. 10 Candidates
    Oct. 17, 18, 19
    7 PM

    MassKara Drumbeating Contest

    Bacolod Public Plaza
    Semi professional drum beating groups compete for three nights with a parade around the public plaza.
    Oct. 20 & 21
    5 PM

    Electric Zumba sa MassKara

    Tourism Strip, Lacson St.
    Electric Zumba sa MassKara
    Oct. 21, 22
    4 PM

    Merry Making

    Araneta-Lizares Sts. to Public Plaza
    Groups usually representing companies, parade after the last of the MassKara dance contingents have taken off.

Festival Highlights

    Sadya ang MassKara with Mayor Bing

    National Fireworks Display Competition
    A contest among 10 fireworks manufacturers from different parts of the Philippines
    Oct 19
    7 PM
    BGC Grounds
    Oct 20
    7 PM
    Bacolod Public Plaza
    Oct 21
    7 PM
    Tourism Strip
    Oct 22
    7 PM
    BGC Grounds Winners Showdown

    Street Dance and Arena Competitions

    Araneta-Lizares Sts. to Public Plaza
    The grand MassKara parade featuring 11 schools and 15 barangays competiting for prizes in this dance contest of masked and costumed participants. Special prices for the best in costumes.
    Oct. 21
    3 PM
    Schools Category
    Oct. 23
    3 PM
    Barangay Category

    Electric MassKara

    Bacolod Tourism Strip [2nd St. to Lacson North Drive]
    Oct. 20, 21, 22
    Opens at 4 PM
    Oct. 20, 21
    4 PM
    Electric Zumba sa MassKara

    At least 10 Zumba groups in electric outfits will fill the strip in an attempt to hold the longest Zumba party ever.

    Oct. 20, 21
    7 PM
    Electric MassKara Performing Floats Competition

    Parade of at least 10 lighted floats [Oct 20]; Winners [Oct 21]. Plus corporate floats.

    Two major and 1 minor concert stages will have live music which will be relayed in LE screens throughout the strip.

Latest news


Born at a time of crisis and mourning, the MassKara Festival is our people’s collective declaration that no adversity nor difficulty will bring us down.

This year’s MassKara is even more significant as we celebrate the gift of unity in our city, when all three top officials all come from the same party.

The MassKara is at once a celebration as well as a renewal of the values we hold dear: an annual festivity that celebrates who we are and what we hope to be.

Welcome to the 38th MassKara festival. Kari na!

Mayor Evelio R Leonardia

From Oct. 1 to 22, Bacolod opens its doors to the world. For three weeks, we shall have street parties, singing and dancing in the streets, fireworks and a lot more as we celebrate the 38th MassKara Festival.

While these fiesta activities showcase the dynamic lifestyle Bacolenos are known for, they also celebrate the artistry of our people – from performing artists to visual artists, musicians, mask makers, costume designers and even culinary artists.

Kari sa Bacolod! Dala sang Maskara!

Vice-Mayor El Cid Familiaran

I join our people in celebrating the 38th MassKara festival and welcoming our friends from other parts of the Philippines and the world.

With pride, we open our doors to the world to showcase the best of what our city can offer: our food, culture, the festival and of course our smiles.

Welcome to MassKara and welcome to Bacolod!

Rep. Greg Gasataya

In the last 38 years, the MassKara has grown from a simple people’s celebration of hope to become a major tourism plank for Bacolod as people from the rest of the country and even the world came to join us.

This year, the MassKara assumes an even more interesting dimension: it is the first one we are celebrating under an unprecedented unity we did not have for a long time.

Indeed, as we celebrate the resilient spirit of our people, we are also happy to celebrate the many blessings that have been showered on us, not the least of which is the new found unity among us.

Councilor Em Ang
MassKara 2017 Action Officer